We have been in the trade for over 60 years now, and we know a thing or two about meat. 



Dewi James Himself


Dewi James a'i Gwmni started in 1945, when a young and ambitious entrepreneur broadened his horizons, and moved the focus of his career from the family farm to the meat industry. Dewi James, was always working on the next big plan, and for him the launch of the butchering business was going to be the start of 'big things'. What was initially a small meat stall in the local market in Cardigan, turned into a national company consisting of 3 shops, a large slaughterhouse, and a large employee base of 50, sending our produce all over the UK.  

Today, we keep it simple, concentrating on  two main shops in the Teifi area. One in Cardigan, the other in NewCastle Emlyn, while supplying the catering trade over a 40 mile radius, spanning Aberystwyth in the North, Carmarthen to the East, and Pembroke in the South. 

The company was always a family affair, and Dewi's Son and Daughter (Dilwyn & Elin) were integrated into his big plans from day one. They currently run the business, which includes the family farm where a large amount of beef and lamb are reared before being sold in our shops.

The Family are also known for their musical talents, with two of Dewi's daughters (Eirian and Buddug) being professional opera singers. They have performed individually, and together, on stages all over Wales, with various casts and companies, and have written and performed their very own musical/opera:  'The Family'. The Three Sisters and Dilwyn even sang in the Millenium Stadium in 2005 as pre-match entertainment before the Wales v. Ireland game.


Millenium stadium 

We are now very well established in our local area, and known for selling top quality meat products. Our vast experience and story so far is the basis of hope for our bright future. By buying our meat you  are buying into our yesterday and tomorrow, and your support for this local family butcher means we can carry on supplying the best meat for the best prices, from the best place -  from a family with a rich history in the trade,  and community.

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