Mother's Day Breakfast & Cookies


Kids & Dads... We've made it easy for you! 

Treat your Mum, Mother, Mam, (whatever term you use) to something different this Mother's Day.... It's sometimes easy to get a box of chocolates and some flowers, but make this Mother's Day one to remember and one she'll talk about for years to come! This year, we have teamed up with Truly Scrumptious to create a Mother's day two course breakfast which is something she is sure to enjoy and appreciate even more!

The Breakfast, be it served on the table or in bed, is made easy. This means that even children of a younger age can get involved (with a bit of help from dad maybe). We've done away with the pan too, keeping effort and cleaning to a minimum, but with maximum effect. 

In the breakfast will be a foil tray containing two sausage burger cups, (these literally go into the oven as they are), along side the streaky bacon (Smoked or unsmoked). After just 15-20 mins later, simply take them out and let the kids crack an egg into each one, returning them to the oven for a further 10 mins. Butter your rolls and serve with your favourite sauce! This pack contains two servings ( 2 burgers, 8 slice streaky, 2 eggs and 2 rolls) so there's one for you too dad! If the kids want a cooked breakfast just add a pack of our chipolata sausages and a pack of rolls. A perfect Sunday breakfast treat!

For the second course and to cater for your sweet side, we've included a 4 pack of Truly Scrumptious (Cardigan) Red velvet and white choc chip cookie balls. These come frozen and are so simple yet again. No mess no fuss. Just put the balls on a tray in the oven and cook (following the instructions on the pack). For those who have an bigger sweet tooth you can up it to a 10 pack. If cookies are not what you are looking for, you can also opt for no cookies too, just the breakfast. So many options so something for everyone! 

There we have it.. We hope we've made it as easy and as fun as possible. There's no way better to thank the woman in your life than with a cooked breakfast and cookies.


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