We at Dewi james a'i gwmni have been trading for many years, and have always set aims to achieve, ethics to Keep to, and principles to uphold.

We are a small, sustainable company based in Cardiganshire, West Wales. Selling nothing less than High quality meat. We have, since day one, sold meat produce which has been sourced completely local. We can even assure that a high percentage of the Beef and Lamb come from our very own farm. All other meat produce is sourced within a 30 mile radius,and we can vouch their quality, due to our long relationship with the local farms.

We and our staff are fully trained butchers. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of various joints and cuts and can advise you accordingly on the  right meat for the job. We are traditional butchers, with a current mentality. Sticking to old principles with modern means. We ensure customer satisfaction. Every time! The have sold produce to the public, hotels, restaurants, schools, care homes, and many other well-known establishments in the surrounding 60 mile radius.

We are reputable in the area for selling good, honest, wholesome, Local Meat. And we thrive to keep this reputation, and will carry on to supply only the best.

We aim to keep our traditional, sustainable principals but as times change, so must we. New means of ordering, internet sales and UK deliveries are now available. As a reputable company we must meet these modern demands, but keep our sustainable ethics throughout. We aim to keep our produce at the same high quality we always have, to deliver UK wide, and to ensure our customers get a real piece of welsh meat.