Simple honest food deserves a simple honest process. And we believe the whole chain of processes from farm to fork is key to our quality goods.

The Livestock from our (or other trusted) farms are hand-picked when they are mature and at a high yield stage, this ensures a better piece of meat later on in the chain. The animals are taken a short distance to the slaughterhouse, where they are humanely slaughtered, and the carcass is then brought to our shop where we whittle it into various joints and cuts, ready for public/Catering sale and your order. The meat you order from us, is vacuum packed, (not gas flushed) to your specification, and pending on distance/prefferences, it is either delivered by our own fleet of cold storage vans, or shipped via courier in a cool box, designed for purpose.

The courier delivery is guaranteed next day before noon  (if ordered before 10am). Free local delivery is dependant on daily route (See Delivery for more info).

Quick delivery ensures produce condition isn't affected. Unlike other butcher produce companies who deliver the meat frozen, our's is deliverd fresh as if you bought it fresh from a butcher's, not from a supermarket chain.

If what you order is not in stock we will choose something as close as possible to the original purchase (within reason).

We at Dewi James a'i Gwmni have had over 50 years' experience. We know our meat.
We only buy/grow/slaughter the best to be able to sell the best.

Here's a video showing you exactly how you should expect your meat produce, and how you should unpack and store the contents.

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